Moritz Pindorek

Hey, I am Moritz Pindorek  – I am the founder and one of the main researchers and writers for Cryptouserguide.

I was named as:

-Top 10 crypto influencer in 2022 by Forbes Monaco

-Top 10 Entrepreneur in 2022 by Forbes Monaco

-Top 10 Entrepreneur in 2022 by Laweekly

In the daytime, I do advise startups and companies on their web3/crypto journey as well as handling their social media marketing.

So I do personally always have a deep insight into the blockchain world and its latest topics/changes and products.

I do always try my best to only recommend tested or known products on this Crypto User Guide.


Cryptouserguide.com is a trusted blockchain-related information outlet.

We do research the whole crypto market and do try to provide safe and beneficial information to our providers to provide an educational advantage and help them stay safe in the big crypto world.

We are a team of marketers, investors, designers, business developers and writers – real experts from the industry

Our main topics are: Crypto, NFT, DEFI, Playtoearn, DEX, CEX, Credit Cards, Trading, Lending, New services and everything blockchain related but it is not limited to it.

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