August 2022 Crypto News, whats happening

August 2022 Crypto News

So there is much traction is the web3 space again, good price recoveries with a lot media attention.

But surely also some unpleasant events in the space.

A rough overview of some of the most important recent events.

  • EU is setting up a new regulator with direct #Bitcoin and crypto oversight ❗️
  • Bank of Russia Aims for Full Launch of Digital Ruble in 2024 (CBDC) 
  • Brazilian #crypto lending platform BlueBenx halts withdrawals following a $32 million hack.
  • Hackers printed 1.2 billion $AUSD on the Acala Network.
  • USA is banning the “Crypto Mixer” Tornado Cash and its wallets (added to OFAC’s SDN List)
  • The Netherlands did arrest a suspected Tornado Cash Developer
  • The #Ethereum Merge has been scheduled for roughly ≈ September 15th/16th
  • BlackRock is launching a private trust focused on spot #Bitcoin

Blackrock moving into the space is a super bullish event for more institutions to follow this example, since they are managing their and customer funds worth Trillions this is more than just notable. They will also use their Aladdin (Asset, Liability, and Debt and Derivative Investment Network) trading platform, which is the most advanced trading AI based on millions of data points.

I do expect Blackrock/Coinbase to be a bigger market maker than FTX in daily trading behavior (Billions), as far as I know Aladdin is the most advanced AI trading system based on millions of data points and in 2020, 21.6 trillion $ in assets managed !📖

Our long awaited Ethereum merge has been given a rough date (based on fixed block time)

A big shock for the crypto privacy sector was the ban of Tornado Cash and the following arrest of a developer in the Netherlands (Is this the start of the war on privacy ?)

Sadly more hacks and asset freezes are the new normal in crypto again as well, as project – please spend some more funds on security and risk management.

The EU is currently setting up a new regulatory unit, which should enforce cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others.

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