Crypto B2B Connections

Crypto B2B

The most important thing in Crypto B2B 😳🤯?

Personal connections❗️

I can only recommend to meet more people in whatever real you feel comfortable with, whether its Linkedin, Twitter, Events, VR-Events or anything else but do it – grow your network.

We have seen the best ⬇️

– Venture Capital deals
– New Hirings
– Marketing customers
– Brand Cooperations

Due to personal and deep connections with people in the #crypto space.

As the famous quote says: “Your Network is your Net Worth” 🧐

Meet more and the right people, online or offline 🤝

Deep and personal connections in the space can have a huge impact on your work and your deals.

What do you like more, Online or Offline meetings to connect with new people I would love to know from you as reader ?⬇️

I tend to prefer making intros and event the intro call online and meeting people on the 2nd meeting or at dealmaking (however I have nothing to complain about if the whole deal-flow and work is online which is kind of more usual nowadays anyways)

But even in web3 you have many people coming from for example traditional banking jobs or similar, which often tend to need personal contact to trust you further.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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