Group Invest into NFTs (Opinion)

Group Invest into NFTs (Opinion)

In this day and age, digital assets are a whole new chance of investment, with a huge upside but likewise a huge downside of losing everything.

This is why education is so important, and people do group up to bundle their education and research for topics like new cryptocurrencies but especially lately with NFTS.

Since often there were high entry burdens into so-called “blue-chip NFTs” prior to the crash, friends and colleagues did team/pool up to invest in such.

BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) is an often-used digital asset for such pooled investments, a lot of fractional investment platforms do try to leverage/hop on this trend.

Another Investment club type in the Web3 space is DAOs which focus on investing in other assets and acting like “community funds”.

This does help to diversify your risk, but also your reward, and keep in mind like in the real world DAO owners most likely will take a performance or management fees.

However you should be careful when investing together with other people in an asset, it is easier to sell the whole assets than just a % split of the ownership (In case the other owners decide not to sell but you want to for example)

Generally speaking, investing in highly nonliquid assets with a group of people does bare its risk and benefits and you need to check if your partners aim for the same goals/directions and maybe you can get a contract (or even smart contract) to guarantee some special terms or extra security steps like a multi-signature wallet where you park the NFT or similar.

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