NFT Royalties – A hot topic

NFT Royalties

The most controversial topic in the #NFT space right now?😳

#OpenSea just announced changes to their royalty model which include blacklisting known zero-royalty marketplaces 🧐

They said: “It’s clear that many creators want the ability to enforce fees on-chain & we believe that choice should be theirs–not a marketplace’s–to make.

So we’re building tools we hope will balance the scales by putting more power in creators’ hands to control their business model.”

What are your thoughts on, onchain enforced fees and blacklisting tools etc. or better to ask what is your standing on the royalties topic? 📊

I do personally see royalties as an important thing, especially for artists, this is what did allow artists to escape the web2 art barrier/exploitation of artists.

We should, however, allow to turn on 0% fees for example if the creator is fine with it but we should not force them.

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