Pixxtasy NFT and their fight again drug addiction


The Pixxtasy NFT is one of the latest NFT projects to launch with a great charity use case, they will help to fight drug addiction.

With the key message of “DON’T USE. JUST OWN IT”

The Whitelist did start on (31.08.2022) UTC 6:00 PM for 0.22 ETH per NFT and it was sold out in 1 hour.

I do personally like the mission very much and am happy to support them with some advice for marketing and structure.

There is a lot of bs in the NF space but not even close enough charity and goodwill projects in terms of general or mental health so I like to see them moving in that direction and focus on that.

On Twitter, you can find some high-quality animation and rap/collab videos from partnerships they are doing in terms of marketing and awareness they also have all the other common socials running and even more ads so expect even more mainstream attention.

They lately already even got mainstream attention in the latest version of Forbes (from hungary) , Cryptonews, Bitcoin.com , Techbullion and much more.

I am sure some of the pills (NFTs) will show off some brands you know for sure but always remember do not use, just own it.

The ultimate goal is to start a global movement and charity to support the fight against drugs with $1.000.000 raised by the NFTs.

Pixxtasy details

Pixxtasy Website: https://www.pixxtasy.io/

Pixxtasy Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixxtasy/

Pixxxtasy Discord: https://discord.com/invite/HRdWq2Sh9k

Pixxtasy Mint: dapp.pixxtasy.io

I am looking forward to their success and the possible positive outcome this movement might/will bring.

Many people do struggle with problems, a huge amount of those are addiction based and its great to see more people move in a not judging but helpful way.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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