What is Trillando ?


In short, TRILLANDO is the integrated TRILLANT marketplace solution that offers added value and opportunity for market participants. Marketplace users are connected via TRILLON blockchain, making partnerships universally transparent, tamper-proof, and easy to implement.

Trillants marketplace solution positions and empowers all parties to focus on their core competencies. Trillant creates transparency, sustainable economic success, and long-term partnerships by connecting members through the Trillando marketplace and integrated blockchain services.

Trillando the new Era of Shopping

Trillando marketplace operates as a central commerce network in the trillant ecosystem. The marketplace connects customers, merchants and affiliate partners. Trillando users enjoy buying goods and services through a user-friendly interface that integrates a wide range of payment options. Merchant registration for the marketplace creates a unique user address in the blockchain, storing the complete transaction history.

The trillando marketplace includes: customers – purchase goods and services on the marketplace through convenient payment methods. Merchants – after application approval, produce goods and services for placement on the marketplace and receive automatic compensation for successful sales.

Affiliate partners – recommend goods and services to buyers and refer new merchants with compensation received in trillon after a successful sale. Listing.

The cost basis of goods and services in the marketplace shows in fiat or trillon stable pay coin. Payment. Marketplace users can choose a convenient payment method for delivered goods and services, which include trillon or other cryptocurrencies. E-commerce challenges.

Merchants face a number of overwhelming obstacles before successfully launching a business from software development to marketing to sales to building a long-term customer base.

Likewise, start-up companies often encounter budget constraints for high-level technical solutions, which may lead to unmaintained or mismanaged support systems that render businesses inoperable. Additionally, errors during the ordering process, payment, or billing undermine the customer trust cycle and present frustrating challenges that halt sales and revenue.

And while listing engines attempt to offer an economically permissible but broad range of products and services, a growing challenge exists for companies to maintain market knowledge of products and services while considering specific customer needs.

Trillando offers the ideal system solution allowing merchants to concentrate on core competencies while the trillant ecosystem manages the business progress in the background.

TRILLANDO Marketplace Solutions


The over-arching goal of trillant is to span all aspects of commerce, from producing income to achieving economic independence to the daily supply of products and services.

Trillandos ready-to-use e-commerce solution equips merchants with effective business tools.

Cryptocurrency payment gate

The revolutionary trillon stable pay coin is a business breakthrough for merchants to accept and exchange cryptocurrency payments. Fast, secure, efficient, and flexible, trillando levels the playing field and opens untapped opportunities.

Software development

With a dedicated support team and optimized user-friendly software, merchants no longer need to commit capital for required development to handle payment processing, record keeping, or revenue distribution.

Marketing and customer base

Merchants gain immediate access to an international customer base and referral network. Trillandos reach into global markets and communities offers the ideal touchpoints for rapid brand recognition, increased sales, and new product or service opportunities.

Technical solutions

Merchants can focus on core business essentials while the trillando tech team offers 24/7 maintenance and covers the cost of development for it operations, technological advancements, and system integrations.

Payment processing. Trillandos use of blockchain technology facilitates convenient real-time payment methods with back office processing and automated fund distribution.

Product listings

Marketplace product listings are filtered for optimal placement through community-driven feedback, member surveys, product ratings, and customer product reviews. Customers are incentivized for product suggestions and reviews to help promote, sustain, and generate commerce for the trillando marketplace. The marketplace offers members the unique opportunity to exchange trillon earnings for goods and services. Trillando.com is a business game-changer for merchants worldwide. Through fast, convenient, and efficient solutions, merchants are now positioned to buy and sell goods or services utilizing advanced technology on their own terms.

Benefits for Merchants

• TRILLANDO equips Merchants to accept cryptocurrency as a payment
option for goods and services.

• TRILLANDO offers a ready-to-use processing engine for a transparent
accounting system of Merchant activities through the blockchain.

• Transparent operations using blockchain technology significantly
enhance a Merchant‘s reputation.

• Valid transaction data is securely stored on the blockchain and used as
a valuable analytics tool.

• System development meets industry-specific demands, which
positions new Merchants for prompt integration. In particular, this
benefits new Merchants that lack the resources to initiate a full-scale
e-commerce launch.

• The Marketplace is a global platform with an established and
sustainable customer base.

• Direct product and service listings optimize the customer experience.

• All TRILLANDO technical support is managed by TRILLANT, allowing
Merchants to focus on their core area of expertise.

DISCLAIMER: This text has been used 1:1 from the Whitepaper at Trillant.com/Whitepaper, go there to check out the current original versions of it.

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