Why you should not trust blue checkmarks in crypto

Why you should not trust blue checkmarks in crypto

It’s about the Verified signs especially in the #crypto world 🤯

💰It can be bought:
You only need enough Press relevance (purchasable) and then can even use direct contact to get verified via media panels/inside employees (easy if you have the right contacts)

So you do not have to go via the long taking official ways, money skips those steps.

❌️In the web 3 space we also see many hacked verified accounts, where the profile picture, description and more are just changed after that.
Those accounts do promotion for several own and external projects.

Try to check the handle via google and others (often there is an athlete or musician behind it who lost the account)

Also do not fall for youtube live streams by verified accounts, youtube verification has like NO requirements and only costs like low 4 digits.

➡️ But there are also many legit #socialmedia accounts beeing verified, if you need your personal or company page verified on any social media platform Beastfluence is your place to go.

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