Will Meta be able to build a mass-adopted Metaverse 🧐?

Will Meta be able to build a mass-adopted Metaverse 🧐?

Different opinions in the space 👇

Vitalik Buterin said centralized Institutions trying to intentionally build the #Metaverse right now will fail.

However, in my opinion, especially Meta with their Oculus arm and new branding has the best current set of specs to deliver that.

– Billions of Users
– Ready and perfected Hardware over years
– Funding (New debt Loan)
– Talent in terms of the Team

I am also looking forward to how the Apple VR/AR glasses (expected in 2023) will push mass adoption in this topic even more.

For real mass adoption, we need the tech side as well in my opinion, which “decentralized” companies and systems will not be able to provide, YET.

But the Community and people will decide long-term what the metaverse is for them and how to use it (and basically if they allow centralized players to rule the game) 🙏

I guess many past companies did show that being the first doesn’t mean being the best over time 📖

I am personally always bullish on more decentralized products but its good for the community that mainstream players make such a big effort to position themselfs.

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